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Radha is an entertainment artist operating in Canada and the USA. She is known for her transformative acting performances, her diverse singing range, for dancing and modeling, and as of recently, for DJ'ing. Having trained with some of Toronto’s best acting coaches she is skilled in stage-combat and Commedia dell'arte. Her past experiences have also helped her obtain a fashion certificate and to write and perform several plays, including Pressure (2014). Since then, she has worked as the lead performer on several plays and short-films, such as the My Lakeshore – My Home Production (2015), Huntsmen (2016), and 20 Bucks (2019), which won the Best Short Short Award at the Toronto Short Film Festival. In addition, Radha has modeled at the Ruckus 2015 Fashion- and Talent showcase, sang (incl. original songs) and danced at various private events, and DJ’d at Vivacity (2019). Whether it is acting, singing, modeling, or DJ'ing, Radha is always working on new projects including client work as well as her own.

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